• March 25, 2015

GoodData Partners with Autopilot to Deliver Insight into Marketing Performance

Autopilot has entered into new partnership and integration with GoodData to help marketers map their activities to business results.

GoodData for Autopilot helps marketers track, collect, and analyze key marketing touch points to nurture relationships, map activity to ROI, and drive business results.

With the power of personalized marketing automation from Autopilot, coupled with analytics integrated from GoodData, customers can now do the following:

  • Know Where Their Customers Are: Autopilot's universal tracking script allows companies to view in real time how known or anonymous contacts are visiting and engaging their Web sites, blogs, or more and then target them with personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Track KPIs: Track activity and engagement, including open rates, click rates, and clicks per unique opens, across channels.
  • Measure Sales Velocity: See how quickly leads convert to opportunities and closed deals by measuring the performance of customer journeys and sales processes impacting sales velocity.
  • Identify Trends Over Time: Marketers can see how the content they've created is being put to work by analyzing campaign performance and content over time, including click performance and deliverability trends.
  • View Reporting: Pre-built reports to track and share leads to close over time with graphs, including content, journey, or time performance.

"The future of marketing is data driven," said Roman Stanek, CEO and founder of GoodData, in a statement. "Often marketers would like to graduate from a simpler system to one that can provide them with tools they need to become data driven marketers, but they are intimidated. We integrated with Autopilot, giving users easy access to data and guiding them with GoodData's Insights as a Service, leading them into clear business results."

"Marketers today face big challenges when it comes to painting a complete picture of their customer using data that is siloed across many tools," said Autopilot co-founder and CEO Mike Sharkey in a statement. "We believe that the best kind of marketing shouldn't feel like marketing because it's so personal, relevant, and attractive. And in order to really learn who your customer is you must be everywhere they are. With GoodData and Autopilot, we're making it way easier for companies to connect the dots and create a handshake from leads to revenue, marketing and sales, and leadership and results."

"I used to feel lost in excel spreadsheets that didn't always map marketing activity to overall performance," said Toby Marion, CEO and owner of Golden Gate Wine, a Hong Kong-based importer of California wine, in a statement. "Using the GoodData reports in Autopilot, I now get an instant snapshot of what's driving our business, including which wine offers are leading to sales, which tastings and news content are driving customer engagement, and which email addresses need updating, all of which is producing critical business growth."

This latest move comes less than a month after Autopilot launched its multichannel marketing automation platform.

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