• October 15, 2015

GoodData Analytics Distribution Platform Focuses on BI for Data Monetization

GoodData, a provider of business intelligence, today launched capabilities for unlocking the value of data and widely distributing analytics to people who are making business decisions.

"Company data is a dramatically underutilized asset. Organizations need to advance their use of analytics from merely driving efficiencies to empowering their networks of clients, partners, and internal stakeholders with relevant data," said GoodData Founder and CEO Roman Stanek in a statement. "GoodData's engaging analytics distribution platform helps enterprises drive new revenue streams, improve partner relationships, and reduce customer churn."

GoodData's new platform enhancements accelerate data distribution and monetization through the following:

  • Advanced distribution, automation, and product lifecycle management that lets users manage one-to-many deployments, including automated provisioning and updating of large numbers of analytical workspaces;
  • Responsive, touch-friendly, personalized KPI dashboards and alerts for mobile devices; and
  • Self-service analysis with personal data upload that lets users perform guided data discovery and blend local data with governed, centrally distributed data.

"Data is the next transformative monetizable product. But to gain value, data must be appropriately processed, analyzed, packaged, and delivered as contextualized insights and trends to appropriate contacts," said Hyoun Park, chief research officer at Blue Hill Research, in a statement. "In empowering the pioneers of data publishing and enterprise data distribution to build net-new data products and novel business models, Blue Hill believes that GoodData is supporting the evolution of business intelligence to the meaningful next stage of direct data monetization."

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