• May 11, 2017

Gong.io Introduces Real-time Conversation Intelligence for Sales

Gong.io, providers of a conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales, today launched Real-Time Conversation Intelligence (RTCI) for B2B sales teams, to provide real-time alerts and assistance to sales professionals around customer objections, competitive comparisons, pricing sensitivity, and a host of other potential deal breakers.

Gong uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze unstructured data to help B2B sales teams recognize effective patterns from tens of thousands of hours of spoken sales conversations.

"Thousands of sales professionals and their managers, who use Gong, will now receive real-time assistance to help them win more deals," said Amit Bendov, Gong.io CEO, in a statement. "Until now, conversational intelligence was the domain of only the largest enterprises with the biggest pocketbooks. We're democratizing the sales conversation intelligence field by bringing it to the individual sales reps. There is a wealth of knowledge within each sales organization and within our conversation intelligence platform, which can now empower sales teams to have better sales conversations, shorten sales cycles, and drive more business."

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