• June 8, 2023

Gong Launches Engage and Sales-Specific Generative AI

Gong today introduced Engage, a sales engagement solution powered by artificial intelligence and real customer interactions, and generative AI models built specifically for revenue teams.

Gong Enage delivers AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close, outreach to engage entire accounts, and a single sales engagement solution to streamline revenue workflows. In addition to foundational capabilities such as workflows, web-based dialer, and email templates, Engage delivers customer engagement features that use Gong's proprietary generative AI models to help reps prioritize deals and automatically produce call highlights, action items, and outcomes based on conversation analysis from billions of customer interactions.

Gong Engage's features include the following:

  • Call spotlight, which uses generative AI to create briefs, key account highlights, and action items from sales conversations;
  • Automated call outcomes and email response classification, ;which automatically categorizes prospecting calls and emails;
  • Assisted writing, ;which helps reps personalize their outreach based on persona;
  • Recommended Contacts, which uses historical deal data to recommend who best to contact and enables direct access to contact data;
  • Buying Signals surfaced from more than 120 Gong Collective integrations;
  • Pipeline Views, which lets reps view key tasks and information on active opportunities, including a live list of critical actions to engage with buyers and move deals forward;
  • Analytics Dashboard, which gives full visibility into critical metrics across sales cycles; and
  • Collaboration, which enables team members to share and assign critical tasks and notes cross-functionally.

"Gong changed how revenue teams build pipeline with our customer-centric AI. Now we're changing how they engage with customers at every stage," said Amit Bendov, co-founder and CEO of Gong, in a statement. "With Gong Engage, we built a platform with the account, not just the lead, as the foundation, which sets the entire revenue team up for success. Engage is the only solution that harnesses customer interactions at scale to drive high-quality engagement and ultimately, grow revenue."

Meanwhile, Gong's new proprietary generative AI models have been built specifically for revenue teams with Gong's dataset of tens of billions of captured and analyzed sales interactions, including calls, emails, and web conferences to produce content. They can categorize large amounts of data specific to sales deals, such as customer objections, and understand context and intent in sales conversations, autonomously surfacing and prioritizing the most critical next actions for deals and generating personalized content tailored to specific accounts.

New capabilities include the following:

  • Pipeline management, autonomously aggregating points of interest across deals, accounts, and contacts and fielding open-ended questions about accounts;
  • Advanced coaching, with summaries of critical information conveyed in sales calls, including intent and outcomes, to prioritize the most pressing actions for teams and coach through obstacles;
  • Market insights around trends and themes; and
  • Sales engagement with Gong Engage, which automatically generates highly personalized emails that take into account previous interactions with prospects and buyers and account facts.

"Gong launched in 2016 to rid customer-facing people of their day-to-day drudgery using AI. We have been working with [large language models] for over a year and see it as a major breakthrough. But highly accurate, domain-specific AI that delivers a deep understanding of what's going on within a sales organization and the next steps needed to win deals is more elusive," Bendov said. "AI is the core of Gong's platform, and our new models exemplify the sales-driven advancements we're bringing to market to help our customers transform their teams and accelerate revenue growth."

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