• December 10, 2020

GoMoxie Launches SEE to Identify Customer Pain Points

goMoxie, a provider of customer guidance solutions, today launched SEE, a closed-loop artificial intelligence solution that delivers insights about where and why customers struggle in their online journeys.

SEE informsCONTEXT, goMoxie's customer guidance application, which anticipates and proactively guides customers through struggle points with useful information when and where needed.With SEE, goMoxie's Customer Guidance Platform can now pinpoint the location and reason for customer struggle and remediate it with contextually relevant proactive guidance.

goMoxie analyzes conversational data through natural language processing, machine learning, and other technologies to pinpoint exactly where in the journey customers are struggling and why

"Our vision is to eliminate customer struggle," said Nikhil Govindaraj, senior vice president of products at goMoxie, in a statement. "We first introduced proactive guidance with our CONTEXT product, which guides customer through struggle without having to reach out to an agent or interact with a bot for help. Our new product SEE leverages AI to reveal unknown struggle points so that guidance through CONTEXT can be even more effective. It's extraordinary in its ability to discover specifics about struggle and immediately translate that insight into guidance that reduces customer struggle and delivers business results."

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