• January 31, 2014

Gigya Releases Consumer Insights, a Social Media Intelligence Tool

Gigya has released Consumer Insights, a product that allows marketers to gain a complete understanding of their user bases by aggregating data from Gigya products, such as Social Login, Registration-as-a-Service, Gamification, and Social Plugins, and providing visual insights about user identities and on-site behaviors.

Consumer Insights allows marketers to query Gigya's Identity Storage database and tie identity information with internal key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand what psychographic and demographic information is driving meaningful behaviors, such as purchases, commenting, or sharing.

Marketers can then create user subdivisions that can be directly imported into the more than 30 email marketing, ad-serving, content recommendation, SMS marketing, and other marketing platforms integrated with Gigya through the NEXUS Partner Ecosystem. All information is captured by Gigya's technology and collected through strict and transparent permissions when users log into sites using Gigya's Registration-as-a-Service and Social Login.

Several Gigya customers, including KLM, will be using the new tool to better understand their users and optimize their marketing efforts by using Consumer Insights to create advanced audience segments.

"Marketers are tired of hearing companies preach about big data and the vague ways they should be using it," said Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, in a statement. "Consumer Insights finally puts massive amounts of modern consumer data, everything from users' interests to their Facebook likes, to the articles they've commented on, into one dashboard that actually shows marketers what they need to know about their users, complete with the integrations with the marketing platforms they already use."

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