• February 4, 2022

GfK, Dstillery Launch CPG Shopper Segments

GfK and Dstillery have expanded their partnership by developing more than 30 new audiences to help digital marketers target even more consumer packaged goods shoppers.

The segments are based on rich behavioral data from GfK's National Shopper Lab (NSL), which aggregates loyalty card sales information from more than 96 million grocery and drug shoppers across the United States. NSL records weekly transactions through Shopper ID, UPC, store, date, price, and coupon and reveals the effect of in-store shopper engagement, defines how specific promotions might affect short- and long-term brand loyalty, and evaluates two years of rolling purchase history nationwide.

In the coming weeks, GfK Dstillery will release dozens more segments based on NSL data, allowing marketers to target campaigns specifically to the following:

  • current, former, or non-buyers;
  • loyal buyers of competitive brands;
  • promotion- and discount-sensitive shoppers (including coupon users);
  • key changes in buyer behaviors;

GfK and Dstillery have already collaborated on more than 150 audiences for auto marketers. The new CPG segments can be used to power shopper-focused campaigns through social media, e-commerce websites, programmatic TV, and other addressable platforms.

"By basing the audiences on behavioral data, GfK and Dstillery give marketers new confidence that they can reach precisely the right CPG shopper audience at the right time," said Rolfe Swinton, director of data assets and innovation at GfK, in a statement. "This gives tailored products, offers, or messages the ability to find their intended audiences more efficiently."

"Our expanded partnership with GfK and the ability to bring these new segments to market will bring stronger performance and more efficient targeting to CPG brand advertisers," said Dstillery's senior vice president of strategy and partnerships, Evan Hills, in a statement. "As online and real-world lives have converged over the past two years, consumers have become agnostic to buying goods online vs in store, and this new solution enables CPG and pharma brands to bring their message to consumers, regardless of where they shop."

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