• February 7, 2019

FullStory Launches Solutions Partner Program

FullStory has launched the FullStory Solutions Partner Program to empower digital agencies to expand service offerings across marketing, product development, and customer success, among other disciplines, as well as activate entirely new lines of business through FullStory’s experience-centric technology.

The Solutions Partner Program will help agencies use FullStory’s replay, search, and analytics technology to solve bad experiences as well as lean into opportunities for improvement.

"Today's digital agencies are under pressure to deliver client solutions for any and every problem their customers experience. They know any impediment to the customer's goal—from encountering an unexpected software bug to struggling through a confusing checkout process—will increase the likelihood customers leave and not return," said Chris Samila, FullStory's vice president of partnerships, in a statement.

"That's why we're so excited to announce the FullStory Solutions Partner Program," Samila added. "Agencies can use FullStory to amplify their existing digital experience services while also opening the door for entirely new client services built around improving the digital customer experience."

FullStory offers digital experience analytics, on-the-fly conversion funnels, advanced search capabilities, video-like replay of real user sessions, and debugging and developer tools—all while integrating with leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. As part of the Solutions Partner Program, FullStory will educate agency partners to use the FullStory platform to investigate specific trouble spots in the digital customer experience, including underperforming product adoption, software bugs, landing pages, conversion funnels, and abandoned forms.

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