• April 18, 2017

Fuel Cycle Launches Fuel Discovery Analytics Platform

Fuel Cycle, providers of an online community platform, today launched Fuel Discovery to help companies interpret customer data collected from various sources over time. It is available as a stand-alone solution or as an addition to the community platform.

Fuel Discovery uses cross tabulation, a statistical method that identifies significant relationships within data, to create automated insights. It lets users analyze data in relation to all previously collected data. As new information is added, Fuel Discovery uncovers increasingly valuable customer insights for the user.

"Data is typically analyzed in a silo, which means most brands aren't getting the most out of it," said Bahram Nour-Omid, CEO of Fuel Cycle, in a statement. "We're fixing that by allowing users to analyze data across time and space. These highly contextual insights will offer a major competitive advantage for brands, helping them make customer-driven decisions at every stage."

With Fuel Discovery, users can analyze customer information across profiling attributes, including demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral variables, from multiple surveys and studies. The platform also includes advanced filtering, merging, and splitting features so users can dig into specific data points without sifting through all the information in the crosstab.

Upcoming capabilities will include automated data visualization and mapping. Users will also be able to pull key data points from multiple sources and platforms, including marketing automation software, POS systems, social media, and CRM.

"Our crosstab technology is agnostic to the data source and allows us to easily map the inflexion points in the customer journey," said Marin Sarbulescu, vice president of engineering at Fuel Cycle, in a statement. "Further integration with Automated Insights displays critical data in a way that anyone can make the most out of it, from customer reps to C-level execs."

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