• September 16, 2021

Front Strengthens Its Customer Communications Hub

Front has upgraded its customer communication hub by bringing customer data that is typically siloed in CRM systems and spreadsheets into the the inbox.

With these new features, Front allows organizations to leverage data from CRM and other systems of record right within the inbox. It provides up-to-the-minute conversation history across the entire customer relationship across all departments. Teams can now use Front to build no-code workflows using customer data, to automatically route conversations into the right hands, and prioritize messages. And, updated analytics enable teams to quantify and track performance metrics at the customer level, identify churn risks and upsell opportunities, and distribute work.

"For years now, software vendors have made big promises about a single source of truth for customer data. But when it comes to making a real impact on customer experiences, the results have been underwhelming," said Front's CEO and co-founder, Mathilde Collin, in a statement. "Because Front's customer communication hub is where customer interactions actually happen, it is the best place to engage with relevant customer context. And because Front is as familiar as email, it can be picked up by any department across a company and help break down the silos that lead to disjointed customer experiences. We're building the tools to make companies move together as one to impress their customers."

Front's new product functionalities include the following:

  • Critical insights into customer relationships from the inbox - A new, improved inbox gives users holistic customer context, including account information and conversation history.
  • No-code workflows leveraging customer data - Enhanced rule capabilities allow users to leverage customer data to build workflows, route conversations based on the properties of the account, or automatically assign emails to specific team members.
  • New capabilities to measure the quality of service each customer receives - with the addition of customer-level filters into the Front analytics suite, teams gain visibility into how they are interacting with each of their customers. Users can track response times, service-level agreement achievement, and more at the account level.

"Front has been a game-changer for the way our organization communicates with customers," said Jules Funderburk, head of account support at Pilot.com, in a statement. "With Front's new product capabilities, we can ensure the right emails get to the right person on our team at the right time, which helps us serve our customers faster than ever before. The new Account features have already had a huge impact on helping us streamline and automate workflows so we can reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to a customer and allow our teams to deliver unparalleled levels of customer care."

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