• December 26, 2018

FreeAgent CRM Releases Aspen

FreeAgent CRM has released Aspen, a customizable CRM system for small businesses.

"There are hundreds of CRM solutions out there, and they are all the same: hard-coded, fixed, what-you-see-is-how-it-works, from now till the end of time," said Dave Stephens, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent CRM, in a statement. "As we worked with more and more small businesses, we learned that very few could use these generic CRM solutions. They needed something more, and that's what we've delivered."

The FreeAgent Aspen release includes the following

  • Design-your-own-CRM objects, allowing users to define the information flow and data objects, including leads, contacts, accounts, deals, projects, invoices, quotes, and tickets;
  • Design-your-own-data-capture, allowing users to decide what data to collect for every CRM object; turning on and off any system or custom field and labeling it with unique nomenclature;
  • Multiplatform support with a web app, a desktop app, and native iOS and Android apps that handle all customizations and extensions automatically;
  • @mentions for collaboration;
  • More powerful views and pivots with board views across all CRM objects (leads, deals, accounts, etc.);
  • New visual layouts; and
  • Advanced cloud operation, delivering service from multiple Amazon AWS data centers with auto-scaling of all technology tiers.

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