• May 16, 2018

Flurry Launches Push Notifications for Mobile Developers

Flurry from Oath unveiled Flurry Push, a free offering from the Flurry Marketing Suite that enables app developers to send targeted messages to re-engage and retain users across Android and iOS with push notifications.

"We've heard consistently from our developers that messaging is one of the most powerful tools for boosting user engagement," said David Berger, vice president of engineering at Oath, in a statement. "With Flurry Push, we're putting free messaging front and center to empower developers to take charge of their app business and address the recurring challenge of long-term engagement."

Key features of Flurry Push include the following:

  • Actionable Analytics: Analyze app KPIs and push notification campaigns through one single platform.
  • Triggered Push Notifications: Automatically send push notifications to users based on app-install time, event triggers, or other audience attributes.
  • Powerful Segmentation: Target users by geographic, demographic, behavioral, and technographic attributes, including activity or inactivity, install date, device model, app version or specific event combinations. Save commonly-used user segments for quick setup.

With Flurry Push, developers can choose between the following three types of push notification campaigns:

  • Promotional: Schedule one-time, daily, weekly, or as-it-happens push notifications to drive engagement with new features, events, contests or other app content.
  • New User Retention: Convert new users who have recently installed the app to active users.
  • Event Driven: Re-engage and convert users following a specific event or behavior within the app.

Push notifications are sent to app users when an app is running in the background and not in use, making it easy for developers to target users at critical moments when there has been a lapse in engagement.

Yahoo Finance and Pacer Health were among the companies that have been testing Flurry Push.

Pacer Health has been leveraging Flurry Push to promote online competition registrations through its iOS app, Pacer Pedometer, and so far, the company has seen 15 percent growth.

"Push notifications are a critical component of our retention strategy, but historically, we've had to build the feature into our app or partner with third-party messaging vendors," said Michael Caldwell, co-founder of Pacer Health, in a statement. "Flurry Push has made it incredibly easy to re-engage users from directly within the Flurry marketing suite for free, and so far, we've seen powerful results."

Flurry Push is live in the Flurry Analytics Marketing Suite.

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