• May 23, 2024

Fast Simon Launches GenAI Hybrid Search

Fast Simon, a provider of shopping optimization technology, today launched GenAI Hybrid Search to improve online search results using a combination of keyword and vector search using multimodal artificial intelligence.

Multimodal AI significantly improves search performance by leveraging various data types, including text and images, to give AI more context. Combining this with Fast Simon's keyword search greatly reduces the incidence of no results and delivers more relevant responses, even with long-tail queries or queries with similar semantic meanings but different keywords.

"Poor search experiences cost retailers billions of dollars every year, which is why solving search abandonment is a top concern across the industry," said Zohar Gilad, founder and CEO of Fast Simon, in a statement. "Our new GenAI Hybrid Search enables e-commerce brands to deliver the most relevant results to improve customer experience and increase conversions."

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