• April 22, 2014

Fanhub Launches Social Media-Inspired CRM

Fanhub today launched its social media-inspired CRM. A collaborative CRM built by small business owners for other small businesses, Fanhub introduces follows, comments, @mentions and notifications into sales, support, and case management.

Fanhub connects co-workers, customers, and partners through a single platform. Users can create records for leads, prospects, deals, cases (workflow and task management) or spaces (shared collections of related cases, company initiatives and workflows), and then other team members can follow these records to receive real-time updates.

Within each record, team members can post comments and loop in co-workers or customers with @mentions to create conversations. On the central Fanwall, team members can also view and contribute to a running thread of announcements, accomplishments, problems, and tasks that require attention.

Fanhub's individually customizable notification center can alert users when someone @mentions them or updates a record they follow. With one click, users can go directly from the notification to the case, deal, or other record that triggered it.

"We created Fanhub because we wanted to do more than just manage our customers," said Steve McIntosh, co-founder and chief fan ambassador at Fanhub, in a statement. "We saw an opportunity to connect all of our prospects and brand advocates, including our employees, while providing a venue for truly collaborative service."

Fanhub is designed to give users 360-degree visibility of their customers and business with multitasking tools and a comprehensive system for customer lifecycle management. The Fanhub interface allows users to work on multiple records at the same time by dividing items into cards. Users can pull up as many as 16 cards at once and instantly switch between them with one click. This gives employees the ability to look at customer information alongside a sales history or look at all the related workspaces and support cases associated with one customer.

Setting up Fanhub takes just minutes, and then administrators can customize the platform to meet their company's workflow and collaboration style. New data fields can be added to Fanhub in just seconds. Once administrators have tailored Fanhub to their specifications, they can invite their co-workers to join the system. Every user can choose which notifications they receive.

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