• February 19, 2014

Expect Labs Launches MindMeld Developer Platform for Intelligent Assistants

Expect Labs today released a context-driven developer platform and cloud-based service, called the MindMeld API. This platform enables developers to deliver search and content discovery using contextual signals instead of keywords.

After signing up for a developer account, users point the MindMeld API to their Web site or database and it will automatically crawl and index the content and build a custom knowledge graph from the data. Next, they need to drop a few lines of code into their app to begin sending real-time contextual signals from users to the MindMeld platform, which then retrieves search results and recommendations that can be displayed either proactively or in response to direct search queries.

Expect Labs' early customers and investors include Samsung, Intel, Telefonica, Liberty Global, and IDG. Expect Labs' customers are using the MindMeld API to power a wide range of functionality, such as:

  • Context-driven intelligent assistants for mobile applications;
  • Improved Web site and app search using contextual cues in addition to keywords;
  • Advanced real-time communication and collaboration applications; and
  • Voice- and context-driven dashboards for sales support, help desk, telemedicine, online education, and other knowledge worker applications.

"Spurred by recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, context-aware intelligent assistants represent the new frontier of content search and discovery," said Timothy Tuttle, Expect Labs' CEO and founder, in a statement. "With the launch of the MindMeld API, this powerful new technology is available for the first time to a wide range of companies and application developers."

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