• September 14, 2016

Estimote Launches Mirrors for Video Interaction with Customers

Estimote, a provider of beacon technology, today introduced Mirror, a device that allows any video screen to serve tailored content to individuals based on their proximity and preferences.

Estimote Mirror plugs into a video screen's USB and HDMI ports. It uses Bluetooth-enabled beacons to communicate with apps powered by Estimote's SDK. If a nearby individual has the venue's app installed, Mirror can determine his preferences, needs, or habits and immediately adjust the screen's display accordingly.

Even without an app installed, Mirror can communicate with Estimote beacons through  accelerometer and temperature sensors. Mirror knows, for instance, if a shopper is near certain goods or, because a beacon is attached, has handled a specific product. It can display content in real time based on those behaviors.

"The ways Mirror can be used are limitless," said Jakub Krzych, Estimote's CEO, in a statement. "A brick-and-mortar store can install Mirror on wall-mounted screens so those monitors show video ads or product information that change depending on the proximity of a particular customer. If a shopper has that store's app on her phone, Mirror could discern if she has a history of buying a certain brand. The store can then display ads of that brand's latest products when she walks by. It allows people to have magical experiences interacting with their environment."

In addition to retail environments, Mirror can be used in the following environments:

  • Public spaces with display ads: Companies can attract more attention with  content tailored to consumers as they pass by, tapping into their interests, need,s and previous buying habits. Screen advertisements can now be truly targeted to their audiences. Mirror can even determine what to display according to the aggregated profiles of a crowd.
  • Smart Cities: Through screens in airports and on subway platforms, for example, cities can now send precise alerts, push notifications, even video and mapping, to the nearby audiences who need that information.
  • Arenas and Museums: Large display screens can direct passing patrons to their seats, to nearby concessions, or provide additional information about the events or exhibits.
  • Offices and Campuses: Mirror can welcome guests, push updates and notices, and allow for new collaborative experiences, and assist with business and workflow.

"Software of the future won't be created for phones, computers, or tablets. Instead, the developers of tomorrow will use the physical world as their canvas, creating real-world applications and onsite experiences," said Steve Cheney, Estimote's president, in a statement. "We've been using the phrase smart displays for years; what Mirror does is make smart displays smarter."

More than 75,000 developers already use Estimote's platform. Estimote Mirror is currently available for order and will ship December 1.

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