• September 11, 2014

EspoCRM Launches as an Open-Source Application

EspoCRM has launched as an open-source, Web-based management tool that allows businesses to automate operations.

The EspoCRM organizes a company's operations by synchronizing details, like calendar alerts and to-do lists, while accessing customer information and sales tools. EspoCRM tracks data, like customer preferences and purchasing patterns, as well as information about clients, staff, partnering companies, competition, or special projects and opportunities.

"Business owners need the newest technology to continually evaluate all their company's relationships. By managing their customer base effectively they can participate in social media and various digital marketing efforts to engage potential new leads. This attention to detail requires an easy, intuitive interface. It requires EspoCRM," said Yuri Kuznetsov, co-founder of EspoCRM, in a statement. "In the past every department would be obliged to gather their own data, store it on their own, and painstakingly retrieve it whenever the need arose. With the new system all this is in one place for easy accessibility for the entire staff."

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