• February 22, 2022

Equalum Unveils Continuous Data Integration Platform 3.0

Equalum, a provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, today launched Continuous Data Integration Platform (CDIP) Version 3.0, with support for all data integration use cases under one, unified platform with zero coding, including all required Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Targets, and real-time streaming use cases as well as Batch ETL, Replication and Tier One Change Data Capture.

Equalum CDIP provides a drag-and-drop interface for real-time and batch data pipeline creation. With Version 3.0, Equalum has added dozens of capabilities to facilitate complex transformations and data manipulations in addition to other new offerings and enhancements. These include the following:

  • Support for cloud targets like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud targets, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon RDS for Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and more plus Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google BigQuery, Google DataProc, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), and Google Cloud Database.  Also supported are Oracle Databases on Google, SQL Server, and Azure.
  • Equalum's Oracle Binary Log Parser (OBLP).
  • SQL Replication Binary Parser (SRBP), based on its SQL Server transactional comparative without parsing actual logs or installation on the database machine.
  • Replication Group Enhancements for large data migrations, cross-platform data warehousing (replicating to a data lake or data warehouse) and managing many thousands of objects using the platform’s no-code user interface (UI). Equalum automatically syncs Initial Capture with Change Data Capture (CDC).
  • Automatic Schema Evolution, which automatically allows all changes to be captured and appropriately propagated in real time.
  • Native support for all data integration use cases with no-code, including streaming ETL and ELT plus Batch ETL and modern, multimodal change data capture all under one, unified platform with a no-code UI.

Equalum supports the entire data ingestion development cycle from basic pipeline creation to massive operationalization. The platform provides comprehensive monitoring and execution metrics for all data pipelines in the system. Equalum’s infrastructure also offers high availability and failover protection.Suited for a broad range of use cases, Equalum is optimized for real-time streaming data, IoT data streaming; data replication from Oracle with real-time CDC, enhanced batch data ingestion, data file transformation for real-time analytics, MemSQL data replication, real-time ERP/CRM data access, and enterprise-wide data consolidation to data lakes. Enterprise initiatives supported include real-time streaming (ETL/ELT), real-time Change Data Capture (CDC), and data warehouse ETL performance improvements.

"We have again sharpened our focus on the high-demand data integration/ingestion sector with this powerful third- generation Continuous Data Integration Platform," said Guy Eilon, CEO of Equalum, in a statement. "Our latest advancements will be instrumental and uniquely position the company to capitalize on the incredible demand we see in 2022 and beyond."

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