• March 7, 2018

Ellie Mae Unveils Velocify LeadManager SMS Texting

Ellie Mae, the cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry, today unveiled completely redesigned Velocify LeadManager SMS texting functionality for sending automated and individual texts to mobile phones from within the solution. Velocify LeadManager SMS texting empowers sales professionals with ntegrated individual and bulk messaging and administrative controls to engage prospects and customers on their mobile phones.

"With the enriched texting functionality in Velocify LeadManager, sales organizations can boost engagement, drive quicker decisions, and improve conversions by intelligently and respectfully weaving text messaging into the sales process," said Nick Hedges, senior vice president of consumer engagement strategy at Ellie Mae, in a statement. "No other technology delivers such powerful mobile communications integrated into a centralized lead management solution."

Among the key new features are the following:

  • Bulk Texts:Administrators can send bulk short code messages as promotional campaigns;
  • Triggered Texts:Administrators can set up automated texts triggered from specific actions or statuses (e.g., rate changes or deadlines);
  • Administrative Controls: Administrators can allow users to engage freely with prospects while setting limits within the system;
  • Two-Way Text Messaging: Sales reps can text prospects' mobile numbers directly from the LeadManager text messenger window and instantly receive responses in the same messenger window;
  • Conversation History: Sales reps can access their lead conversations from the messenger window, which is always available from their main Priority View screen;
  • Automated Prioritization: Texting is integrated with the action and lead status workflow in LeadManager to ensure leads remain up to date and prioritized with other communication types (email and phone) as they move through the funnel; and
  • Automated Mobile Number Lookup: Automatically checks and validates that numbers within LeadManager lead records are active mobile numbers prior to sending texts.

Velocify LeadManager 18.2 with SMS texting is expected to be available in April.

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