• March 19, 2014

Ellie Mae Launches Encompass CRM

Ellie Mae, a provider of enterprise level, on-demand automated solutions for the residential mortgage industry, has launched Encompass CRM, an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation solution.

Encompass CRM, formerly MortgageCEO, is a scalable suite of automated sales and marketing tools that allows mortgage lenders to manage and market contacts in a compliant manner, leverage lead management and lead distribution capabilities and develop and manage relationships with realtors, third-party originators, or other trusted and valued relationships.

Encompass CRM allows mortgage lenders to do the following:

  • Promote compliance in all borrower communications.
  • Build and manage referral partner relationships with realtors, homebuilders, financial planners, attorneys; and others.
  • Manage future, former and current borrower contacts.
  • Manage, nurture, and convert mortgage leads within Ellie Mae's Encompass mortgage management solution.
  • Gain efficiencies with automated marketing campaigns.
  • Generate more purchase leads with online homebuyer marketing tools and interactive Web sites.
  • Stay in contact with clients across multiple loan channels.
  • Track the effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns with comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Recruit and retain top mortgage professionals.

With Encompass CRM, a loan originator can create marketing campaigns for prospects, customers, and referral sources. Campaigns and emails can be automatically triggered at key milestones in the origination process or over the life of the relationship. Relevant, audience-specific content is available through a library of professional email templates or can be created. Online scheduling prompts follow-ups and tasks. All contacts, marketing materials, and scheduling can be accessed securely via any mobile device.

Encompass CRM helps lenders demonstrate the steps taken to oversee sales and marketing compliance. In the event of an audit or complaint, a lender will know who created the marketing piece, who approved the marketing piece, who sent it, and who received it. This gives lenders much greater insight and visibility into their entire sales and marketing organizations.

Encompass CRM also tracks what prospective clients are doing on company Web sites, what pages they are visiting, and what they are searching.

Business managers can use Encompass CRM to build realistic forecasts, gain greater insight into their sales pipelines, and monitor the effectiveness of individual and branch performance as well as marketing campaigns.

Encompass CRM can be integrated into the Encompass platform so data can move seamlessly and is stored in a single, secure system of record. Currently, Encompass CRM is integrated through Ellie Mae’s software development kit. In the future, it will be fully integrated into the Encompass mortgage management software.

"Mortgage lenders are scrambling to make the transition from a refinance to a purchase market, but many do not necessarily have a specific plan of how to get there," said Jonathan Corr, president and chief operating officer of Ellie Mae, in a statement. "Advanced CRM and automated marketing tools are no longer nice to have, but rather, are a necessity to be competitive and to thrive. With Encompass CRM, mortgage lenders can be more productive, build relationships, and drive purchase conversions. Furthermore, the capabilities within our CRM solution and our single system of record helps our clients stay compliant."

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