• August 13, 2021

Edgemesh Launches Edgemesh Server

Edgemesh, provider of an artificial intelligence platform for online web experiences, has launched Edgemesh Server, a web acceleration solution to enable one-click headless performance for e-commerce websites.

"Companies are racing to improve their web performance to more easily retain and convert customers, but going headless is a massive gamble for even established ecommerce sites," said Jacob Loveless, CEO and co-founder of Edgemesh, in a statement. "Edgemesh Server gives customers the performance benefits of headless, such as enhanced speed and a more immersive user experience, without all the complexities and unknowns. It enables customers to add new, more modern pages with edge routing as they expand. We're excited to provide a cost-effective and seamless solution to help our clients grow their businesses without risking it."

Edgemesh Server is a real-time web optimization solution that makes any website back end, such as Shopify, Magento, SAP Hybris, or Wordpress, render and deliver more quickly. Shopify-based customers who have added Edgemesh Server have reported response times that were almost nine times faster than Shopify Plus alone.

"We upgraded to Edgemesh Server for our Shopify store in a span of just a few minutes. Within days, we saw our site's time to interactive drop by 37 percent, our time to frst byte drop 70 percent, and our server request times decrease by 81 percent,” said Andrew McLaughlin, director of e-commerce at Peacock Alley, in a statement. "The move was simple, and we can keep our workflow exactly the same as before. It's just simply faster."

Edgemesh Server also provides flexibility to add additional pages, such as JAMStack, React and Next.js; A/B testing; personalization; and bot protection.

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