• April 27, 2020

Dynamic Yield Introduces Audience Export Manager

Dynamic Yield a personalization platform provider, today released Audience Export Manager, allowing companies to use the rich customer data captured by Dynamic Yield across enterprise systems like email service providers (ESPs), ad networks, call center solutions, and more.

Dynamic Yield collects and analyzes huge amounts of user data, combining CRM, on-site behavior, purchase history, product preferences, and more to build one ataset from which to deliver on-site personalization. With the Audience Export Manager, all of this data can be accessed in other marketing execution systems.

Audience Export Manager can be used for the following:

  • Creating hyper-targeted campaigns based on user affinity, loyalty tier, CRM attributes, historical offline purchase behavior, and more.
  • Expanding campaign reach on Google and Facebook by creating look-alikes based on Dynamic Yield's customer audiences.
  • Targeting Dynamic Yield's audience segments within an ESP to deliver relevant content, promotions, or recommendations for each recipient; and
  • Augmenting first-party platforms (CRM, BI, etc.) with customer information, such as on-site behavior, probability to purchase, affinity, third-party data, and more. Enhanced site visitor details can be used for targeting on outside platforms and to perform data analyses.

"Accurate audience data has become increasingly important lately as advertising platforms like Google and Facebook can generate lookalike audiences for more targeted top-of-funnel marketing activities. And within the inbox, customers expect email campaigns to be highly relevant and personalized," said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield, in a statement. "Now, email marketers, acquisition managers, and others can leverage troves of behavioral and browsing activity data that was not previously available to them. This will allow them to create more precise user segments and thus, a better overall outreach experience for their customers and prospects alike."

Following the release of its Offline Purchase Ingestion capability early last month, the Audience Export Manager is the latest addition to Dynamic Yield's Customer Data Platform (CDP) product.

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