• July 8, 2020

Dynamic Yield Expands eXPerience APIs

Dynamic Yield has expanded its eXPerience APIs to allow companies to implement Dynamic Yield's entire suite of personalization capabilities on the server side.

"COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of digital communication channels between brands and their customers. Highly personalized digital channels increase brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and are overall a key competitive differentiator in today's world," said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield, in a statement. "Our sole focus is on creating the platform, products, and tools necessary to help brands deliver compelling, relevant, and high-performing digital experiences. The eXPerience APIs provide them with a secure, centralized code layer that is able to unify all data sources and activate it, regardless of the channel, device, or web technology from which the application is served."

Developers can verify their implementation is correct and troubleshoot issues using the API Console log. They can also use the eXPerience APIs for the following:

  • Embedding personalization into other channels, such as kiosks, point-of-sale systems, interactive screens, call centers, and more;
  • Showcasing complimentary items when customers add items to their carts;
  • Maintaining control of page structure and content when creating personalized campaigns;
  • Experimenting and targeting experiences without exposing sensitive data on the browser;
  • Showing identified customers exclusive promotions based on proprietary credit score information; and
  • Launching campaigns entirely through the server-code to keep the front end of the website from slowing down and displaying all banners, messages, and recommendations that are above the fold.

"Home24 was using Dynamic Yield's client-side script to fully personalize our site. However, our organization wanted the IT team to have more control over the content displayed on the page," said Giovanni Luca Randisi, marketing director at Home24, in a statement. "With the eXPerience APIs, we were able to render everything through the server code, granting us the power to determine how each experience should be displayed based on our exact specifications and additionally increase overall site performance."

Dynamic Yield also offers flexible implementation options, letting companies gradually deploy API-based campaigns alongside those from the client-side or to run campaigns entirely via APIs.

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