• May 19, 2022

Dstillery Launches Custom Patient Targeting 

Dstillery, a custom audience solutions company, today launched Custom Patient Targeting, a privacy-safe predictive behavioral targeting solution for healthcare.

Powered by Dstillery's ID-free technology, Custom Patient Targeting uses artificial intelligence-powered predictive modeling to learn how, when, and from where patients browse the web. When combined with a seed data set representing a desired patient outcome, Custom Patient Targeting builds a personalized model that targets only the impressions most likely to drive the desired patient outcomes, without user tracking.

"Healthcare advertisers face a unique challenge with [direct-to-consumer] targeting. They want less wasteful targeting, but strict data requirements have constrained their ability to get the precision they desire," said Taejin In, senior vice president of product at Dstillery, in a statement. "Using our ID-free technology, we can offer healthcare brands the precision and customization to drive optimal patient outcomes without sacrificing privacy or compliance."

With Custom Patient Targeting, every potential ad impression is scored and ranked based on its likelihood of reaching a patient. Every custom model is built using a seed that defines the patient targeted, including first-party data, demographic/behavioral attributes, and search keywords, such as drug names, symptoms, and comorbidities. Custom Patient Targeting doesn't use IDs or rely on user-based targeting.>

"We're excited to see this level of campaign performance, particularly in an early test. The key differentiator with Custom Patient Targeting compared to traditional solutions is this: Our AI can predict behavior, not simply infer it from context or demographics, without user tracking," In said.

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