• September 15, 2023

DoubleVerify Launches Solution to Prevent Made for Advertising Content

DoubleVerify, providers of a software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has expanded its brand safety and suitability solution to enable advertisers to monitor and avoid made-for-advertising (MFA) sites.

DoubleVerify defines MFA sites as those whose sole purpose is to deliver advertisements. More specifically, these sites exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Significant ad density in comparison to the actual content on the page and frequent ad refresh to maximize yield from a single visit.
  • Monetization is predominantly dependent on paid traffic sources, such as social and native advertising, with little to no traffic coming from organic sources.
  • Content is designed to keep visitors endlessly scrolling/clicking within the same domain.
  • Content is often duplicated verbatim across various websites and sometimes produced automatically by generative AI.

MFA content is often viewed as exclusively bot-driven with entirely fraudulent traffic, according to DoubleVerify, which says that wile this does represent a portion of MFA traffic, most comes from legitimate human users, often from paid channels like social media and content recommendation engines.

DoubleVerify developed its proprietary MFA analysis process based on a unique blend of human and artificial intelligence-based auditing. With this release, The solution can be enabled in company's brand safety and suitability profiles for measurement and monitoring and in DV Authentic Brand Suitability for pre-bid avoidance.

"The term made-for-advertising has created significant confusion within the industry," said Jack Smith, chief product officer of DoubleVerify, in a statement. "As an industry-leading measurement and verification provider, we believe it's crucial to lead by example and offer clarity. Our goal is to safeguard advertiser investments and support high-quality publishers who are seeking to monetize legitimate content."

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