• February 14, 2024

DoubleVerify Enhances Made for Advertising Measurement & Protection Solution with Tiered Brand Suitability Categories

DoubleVerify, a provider of software for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has launched tiered brand suitability categories to address Made For Advertising (MFA) measurement and protection in a more nuanced and brand-specific way, with enhanced granularity and control.

These tiered MFA brand suitability categories use a proprietary analysis process that leverages human and AI-based auditing to identify MFA sites at scale by analyzing several factors across their ad monetization activities, ad traffic sources, and approach to content creation. Based on the characteristics of an MFA site, it is then assigned to one of three DV brand suitability tiers:

  • MFA High, for sites exhibiting the most extreme MFA content or characteristics, including significant ad density relative to page content, a predominant dependance on paid traffic sources with little to no organic traffic, and an average ad intensity that is significantly lower than the DV benchmark.
  • MFA Medium, for sites with varying degrees of MFA behavior. For example, a site might employ high ad density relative to page content, but the average ad intensity might be near the DV benchmark.
  • MFA Low, for sites or sections with a blend of MFA and non-MFA content. For example, sites where only a section or a subdomain exhibits MFA content or characteristics.

"The introduction of our MFA brand suitability categories is a critical development for the advertising industry," said Jack Smith, chief innovation officer of DoubleVerify, in a statement. "Our goal is to equip marketers with tools for nuanced measurement and management of MFA content, significantly enhancing precise brand protection. This innovation ensures that marketing efforts are strategically aligned with brand goals and values, fostering deeper consumer engagement and trust, while also optimizing investments and performance."

DV's tiered MFA categories seamlessly integrate into advertisers' brand safety and suitability profiles for post-bid measurement and monitoring through DV Pinnacle. They will soon be integrated into DV Authentic Brand Suitability (ABS) for pre-bid avoidance.

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