• October 25, 2023

Dialpad Launches Custom Ai Playbooks

Dialpad has launched Custom Ai Playbooks, a tool that provides real-time coaching and adherence guidance to sales and customer service teams during and after customer calls.

Leveraging more than 5 billion minutes of proprietary data, Custom Ai Playbooks uses Dialpad's real-time speech recognition and generative artificial intelligence to support revenue growth by providing a clear framework and real-time guidance to follow during sales and customer service calls. Using Dialpad's generative Ai model, Playbooks capture agent and customer responses on each call, track agent adherence to specific questions and behaviors, and offer post-call analytics to help managers pinpoint coaching opportunities.

"Custom Ai Playbooks for industry-specific LLMs is the future of tangible Ai," said Dan O'Connell, chief AI and strategy officer of Dialpad, in a statement. "It's Dialpad's version of an AI copilot, a conversational interface built specifically to support users with rapid decision-making. With tailored recommendations, leaders can curate sales, customer service, and recruiting processes specific to their company and customer needs. The democratization of AI has been a goal of Dialpad's since its inception, and Custom Ai Playbooks marks a new milestone in making AI accessible for all."

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