• March 14, 2024

Dialpad Expands Partnership with T-Mobile

Dialpad, a customer intelligence platform provider, has expanded its partnership with T-Mobile and launched Ai Recaps.

Ai Recaps is developed on Dialpad's DialpadGPT, a large language model (LLM) specifically designed for business conversations. It leverages more than 6 billion minutes of Dialpad's conversational data to provide customized insights.

"Ai Recaps isn't just a feature; it's a step toward making AI a tangible reality for businesses and the modern workforce," said Craig Walker, CEO and founder of Dialpad, in a statement. "It revolutionizes professional interactions, ensuring that every critical insight is captured with actionable summaries on every call and meeting. This collaboration is a clear indication of our unwavering resolve to bring AI's potential to life, continually innovating and refining our solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our customers."

Dialpad is also part of T-Mobile's 5G Network Slicing Beta, which is aimed at significantly improving video calling experiences.

Additionally, as Dialpad's exclusive operating partner in the United States, T-Mobile can offer its business customers Dialpad's full suite of AI-enabled benefits, with new features including the following:

  • Auto-Save to CRM: Sales professionals can now integrate summaries into CRM records.
  • Sharing and Request to Share: Users can share or request summaries for any call or meeting.
  • Customizable Summaries: With Ai Recaps, customers can now customize their summary preferences, selecting either bullet points or full sentences, and adjusting the length to either brief or detailed.
  • Transcripts that now automatically remove filler words with improved grammar and punctuation.
  • Scheduling Assistance, with context-based suggestions and follow-up actions.

"T-Mobile and Dialpad have been committed to bringing cutting-edge voice, video messaging and collaboration services to businesses in any industry," said Mishka Dehghan, senior vice president of strategy, product, and solutions engineering at T-Mobile Business Group, in a statement. "By bringing together T-Mobile's leading 5G network and Dialpad's new AI suite, we're helping businesses work smarter and close deals faster through real-time insights from every customer interaction."

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