• June 7, 2017

DialogTech Integrates with Facebook and Instagram Ads

DialogTech, a provider of marketing analytics for phone calls, today unveiled a direct integration with Facebook and Instagram, enabling advertisers to use insights from phone call conversions to measure return on ad spend and target customers who want to connect by calling.

Part of theDialogTech solution for social advertising, the integration enables companies to view attribution and intelligence on callers within Facebook Ads Manager alongside click data to help them optimize for Facebook and Instagram campaigns and target strategies driving the most conversions and customers, both online and over the phone.

"Phone calls are not only a natural conversion path for smartphone users, they are an important step in the customer journey for many of social media's biggest advertisers, including businesses in automotive, travel, financial services, retail, and tech," said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech, in a statement. "DialogTech makes it easy for marketers to take a data-driven approach to driving calls and customers from Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, increasing their impact on business results."

DialogTech's integration with Facebook and Instagram includes the following:

  • Detailed attribution for every call: Whether calls happen directly from a Call Now ad button or after a consumer clicks through to the advertiser's website, that conversion is mapped to the appropriate campaign, ad set, and ad that drove it in Facebook Ads Manager.
  • View-through attribution for callers: If a consumer views an advertiser's ad on Facebook or Instagram without acting but converts later by calling from a different marketing channel, DialogTech still credits the social ad with influencing the call.
  • Retargeting or exclusion of past callers: Marketers can re-engage past callers with ads and landing pages optimized to drive calls or exclude callers that became customers from seeing their ads again.
  • Targeting look-alike audiences likely to call: Marketers can expand their reach and acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences similiar to customers who converted over the phone.
  • More intelligent conversion optimization: Marketers can use call insights from DialogTech with the online data in Ads Manager to optimize for what's really driving conversions and customers, whether online or over the phone.

"Thanks to Facebook's powerful targeting options, the callers we generate from our ad campaigns are some of the best converting leads," said Camila De Bierre, social media specialist at Westgate Resorts, in a statement. "DialogTech shows us exactly how our Facebook ads drive callers that become customers, so we can optimize performance for what's really working. We've also seen great results using DialogTech data to target past callers and new lookalike audiences with Facebook ads encouraging them to re-engage over the phone."

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