• January 7, 2021

DemandJump Launches Account-Based Attribution

DemandJump, a marketing insights and attribution platform provider, has launched Account-Based Attribution, enabling marketing and sales teams to measure the true revenue impact of every touchpoint.

DemandJump's Account-Based Attribution closes the loop for B2B marketing and sales teams, providing end-to-end visibility all the way through the sales funnel to the actions driving the sales pipeline and closed-won revenue. Marketers can see the marketing channels and campaigns, keywords and organic search terms, individual pieces of content, events, broadcast TV and radio ads, and much more, that are actually driving revenue, as well as those that are not.

Key features of DemandJump's Account-Based Attribution include the following:

  • Leads, revenue, and return on ad spend tied back to each individual marketing channel, campaign, source, keyword, and organic search term across the entire customer journey and path to purchase;
  • Dynamic and flexible attribution windows to measure and attribute activity for short or long sales cycles;
  • Interactive and dynamic data visualizations and dashboards;
  • AI-powered contact-to-opportunity mapping;
  • A true omnichannel view of all activities, leading to revenue across digital, mobile, offline and broadcast initiatives;
  • Support for both physical and virtual events for measurement of event performance;
  • Side-by-side attribution model comparison for single-touch, multitouch, and data-driven algorithmic attribution models;
  • AI-powered recommendations containing the specific actions marketers should take to improve their outcomes; and
  • An app store to connect analytics, ad platforms, offline data, marketing automation, and CRM systems together in one platform for a single harmonious view of all marketing and sales data.

SkySync, an advanced file migration and data governance platform, provider, was an early adopter of the DemandJump platform. "Before, we were flying blind because we could not measure marketing performance accurately beyond leads or form submissions. With DemandJump's Account-Based Attribution, we can measure all of our digital marketing efforts through to actual revenue, enabling us to make much better decisions and helping us lower our customer acquisition cost significantly," said Director of Marketing Krystal Elliott in a statement.

At Calcutta Outdoors, an outdoor lifestyle and fishing brand, Mitch Mitchell, vice president of marketing and ecommerce, credited DemandJump with closing the loop between marketing efforts and ecommerce sales, saying in a statement that "DemandJump's attribution capabilities have been instrumental in allowing us to develop sustainable, organic marketing campaigns that have a lasting impact on our business. Not all marketing efforts come with out-of-the-box revenue reporting, but DemandJump has allowed us to finally track the impact of everything we do as a marketing team, to a level we have always wanted but have never been able to achieve until now."

"Marketing attribution is the single greatest marketing problem which, up until today, has never been solved. The complexity exists because the marketing data has been historically spread across dozens of siloed tools that don't talk to each other. Every ad platform claims full responsibility for impacting revenue, but each ad platform is unaware of the other marketing campaigns involved in the customer's journey," said Shawn Schwegman, co-founder and chief strategy officer at DemandJump, in a statement. "While the average B2C sale is typically impacted by six to 10 different marketing campaigns, a B2B business may see 30 or more campaign touchpoints impacting a sale. So, how can marketers trust their numbers when each ad platform is grading their own homework independently of each other and most attribution tools attack the problem with fairly primitive mathematical models and limited data?

"Our AI-powered approach, the deep integrations we have with each ad platform and CRM to centralize all data, and our rich platform capabilities are providing marketers with visibility they've simply never had before, not only for their marketing channels and campaigns but keywords, organic search terms, individual blogs, broadcast, TV and radio ad spots, marketing events, offline sources, and so much more. To measure performance past a lead or form submission, all the way down to actual revenue impact is, well, a game-changer for B2B marketers," Schwegman said further.

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