• June 3, 2021

Deepgram Unveils Speech Improvements for Sales

Automatic speech recognition company Deepgram today introduced onversational artificial intelligence, sales and support enablement, and real-time streaming to enable virtual agents that can be tailored for specific high-volume voice tasks like billing, support, add-on sales, compliance, or identity verifications.

Deepgram's conversational AI feature reduces the response lag to less than 300 milliseconds, improves word error rate by up to 50 percent, and reduces noise and filter crosstalk to help focus on the key terms and phrases for intent and understanding.

Sales and Support Enablement helps reduce customer churn with faster speech recognition for real-time offers and alerts, and offers improved call analytics and transcripts for coaching.

Real-Time Streaming, a new processing capability that allows software platforms to immediately push sales tips and knowledgebase solutions to salespeople and support agents.

"The promise of AI has consistently been to solve problems and deliver experiences in ways that are faster, cheaper, and better. At Deepgram, AI is in our DNA. We're an automatic speech recognition company focused on solving the inherent challenges of speech technology and powering the next generation of voice-enabled applications," said Scott Stephenson, co-founder and CEO of Deepgram, in a blog post.<

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