• November 19, 2019

DecisionLink Debuts ValueCloud for Sales

DecisionLink has added ValueCloud for Sales to its ValueCloud portfolio.

ValueCloud for Sales provides salespeople with a self-service interface that guides them through the development of value hypotheses to assist in early stage conversations with clients, and/or the development of business cases further down the funnel to close opportunities.

"Scaling with quality and precision is key, and that's what customers achieve with ValueCloud," said DecisionLink CEO Jim Berryhill in a statement. "Scaling value management smooths out or eliminates the long tail in sales teams. Your top 15 percent to 20 percent of reps are already selling value. The rest, the long tail, struggle. Imagine lifting their performance a few notches. That is one of many benefits from implementing an optimum customer value management (CVM) platform like ValueCloud. It moves the needle on sales effectiveness and productivity with immediate benefits, and we do it with software, not services or expensive consulting."

With ValueCloud for Sales, "every sales rep can take a value hypothesis into every meeting as easily as pulling a customer case study off a website. If you know the industry, number of employees, and value proposition, ValueCloud for Sales will guide you through the rest. And it's that easy, because we baked financial acumen into the interface, such that the salesperson, with a customer, if present, can take a guided tour of key financial tenets like ROI, payback period, NPV, and cost of delay," added John Porter, DecisionLink's chief technology officer, in the statement.

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