• January 15, 2021

Datazoom Integrates with Amazon CloudFront

Datazoom, a provider of real-time vdeo data platforms, has integrated with Amazon CloudFront to help marketers capture, standardize, and route data from across the end-to-end workflow of video.

Recently, Datazoom released end-to-end data collection, standardization, and routing services for streaming content delivery network (CDN) log data. Its integration with Amazon CloudFront collects data via Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, standardizes the common data elements that appear in Datazoom's CDN Data Dictionary, and delivers CloudFront CDN data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Splunk, and Google BigQuery.

Furthermore, Amazon CloudFront supports the logging of query parameters, which customers can use to pass the client-side identifiers necessary to adhere to the Common Media Client Data spec (CTA-5004). This feature enables a granular matching between client-side experience data with the corresponding CDN telemetry.Creating access to correlatable data sets will allow for automated root cause analysis and streaming experiences that can adapt to availability changes or failures once detected.

"Our customers see value in examining CDN data alongside other data sets, such as client-side quality of experience data. The ability to correlate these data sets helps in determining causation more easily. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to our customers, and this means facilitating ways for our customers to track the impact of Amazon CloudFront's performance on their viewers' experience," said Nishit Sawhney, head of product management for Amazon CloudFront, in a statement."The joint analysis of CDN and player data helps customers monitor CDN and viewer experience in real time and act swiftly. This is why we invested in creating a real-time logging solution and why we support AWS partners like Datazoom through the integration efforts."

"Datazoom's platform has been uniquely built to support the future of streaming," said Datazoom CEO Diane Strutner in a statement. "The adoption and integration of machine-driven technologies that can provide optimization and issue prevention at scale will be stalled by a lack of real-time, standardized data from all relevant sources. This is the biggest challenge that exists in the streaming space, our integration with Amazon CloudFront brings us one step closer to this reality."

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