• August 26, 2022

Daon Partners with Neustar for Call Authentication

Daon, a digital identity trust company, is partnering with Neustar to provide an integrated solution for deterministic authentication through automatic number identification (ANI) validation to reduce fraud and mitigate call spoofing.

The partnership with Neustar will augment the Daon IdentityX library of biometric algorithms with Neustar Authentication Plus and Account Link solutions. These solutions provide deterministic and probabilistic device and phone number identity proofing before the call is connected. By integrating Neustar's communication solutions, phone calls and devices used to make those calls will undergo real-time inspection to ensure accurate, secure caller-to-agent contact through ANI validation and ANI match.

Neustar solutions leverage both ANI validation and matching to validate whether a call is coming from the device that owns the number or via a phone number match to a referenceable database. The process is completed almost instantly as calls reach the interactive voice response system through a passive process that doesn't require active participation by the caller.

"Customer contact centers are a critical engagement and trust point, and businesses must balance a seamless customer experience with strong authentication and validation," said Ralph Rodriguez, president and chief product officer of Daon, in a statement. "By incorporating Neustar's ANI validation and matching technology into our IdentityX contact center solution, we are better able to protect our customers from the onslaught of fraudsters. We want to provide our customers with solutions they can trust, and this partnership allows us to do just that."

"Over the years, call spoofing has increased substantially, impacting both the customer experience and cost centers for many businesses," said Tom McNeal, vice president and general manager of the public sector and partner channel at Neustar, in a statement. "The partnership with Daon provides our mutual customers a more comprehensive and powerful solution to mitigate the damages of inbound call fraud by adding passive voice authentication to the workflow seamlessly enabling contact center representatives to focus on the needs of that customer instead of having to challenge their authenticity."

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