• February 27, 2024

D-ID Release Agents, Real-Time Conversational AI Avatars

D-ID, providers of a platform for generating digital humans, has released D-ID Agents, highly customized, autonomous artificial intelligence avatars that can take verbal commands from users and respond in multiple languages, using facial expressions and hand gestures.

Natural User Interface (NUI) powers D-ID Agents and enables the avatars to engage in conversations with users.

D-ID Agents also harness retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology, enabling them to comprehend users' environments and respond to them. Enhanced functionalities include advanced API options for enterprise-level customization, increased flexibility, and the ability for all users to create a D-ID Agent through the Creative Reality Studio. Pro+ plans will now include voice cloning capabilities, allowing users to create personalized Agent voices directly within the platform.

The general release of D-ID Agents includes several key updates based on feedback from the beta phase. These enhancements increase accessibility, include end-user analytics for business intelligence, and expand the platform's language support. Additionally, D-ID Agents can now be embedded and shared.

"Making D-ID Agents widely available is a leap forward in our mission to bridge the communications gap between humans and rapidly advancing technologies," said Gil Perry, CEO and co-founder of D-ID, in a statement. "As LLMs (large language models) become increasingly critical for enterprises, we understood that the natural progression was to move from text-based interactions to audio and video. So, our platform is not just about enhancing digital interactions; it's about transforming them into meaningful conversations, fostering trust and understanding between businesses and their customers."

"The overwhelming interest in Agents during our beta phase demonstrates that businesses are ready for a new way to provide online customer service that goes beyond the standard chatbot," said Eliran Kuta, chief technology officer and co-founder of D-ID, in a statement. "Today's digital interactions must be seamless, intuitive, and lifelike and Agents enables businesses to offer just that."

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