• March 11, 2015

CustomerMatrix Unveils Its Cognitive Intelligence Engine for CRM

CustomerMatrix today launched the Cognitive Intelligence Engine for CRM, a platform that empowers companies to maximize customer interactions by helping current CRM systems and processes better use all available data and knowledge.

The comprehensive platform learns from big data in real time by using internal and external sources to link all customer information and interactions and read through all text to extract and enrich all knowledge. It then recommends best actions, called Action Alerts, while identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities and risks, all in the context of existing CRM workflows and user interfaces. These best actions use data and machine learning to deliver recommendations powered by ActionRank, a proprietary algorithm that evaluates and prioritizes them based on revenue impact.

The Cognitive Intelligence Engine for CRM assist agents to identify customers in real time, anticipate the reason for the call, resolve issues with recommendations, and then upsell/cross-sell based on micro-targeted recommendations. It takes into consideration potential risks before making sales recommendations.

The solution also provides instant access to experts and automated data entry (i.e. extracted from text and emails) that helps agents gather information to uncover sales opportunities, even if somebody else completes the cycle in the future.

"Unlike the new wave of sales acceleration technologies addressing customer acquisition challenges, the CustomerMatrix platform was specifically designed to capitalize on all knowledge and interactions of existing relationships," said Guy Mounier, CEO of CustomerMatrix, in a statement. "Our mission is to empower Fortune 1000 companies to expand their revenue streams by enabling agents and account managers to both satisfy and sell in one customer interaction."

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