• February 6, 2014

CustomerMatrix Releases Action Alerts for Salespeople

CustomerMatrix today released its intelligent Action Alerts service that provides salespeople with instant, actionable big data insights.

Action Alerts auto-generates revenue-boosting alerts in real time, personalized to each individual salesperson and customer situation, by understanding buyer intent and correlating it with employee interactions. Examples of Action Alerts insights include signals of customer satisfaction changes, at-risk opportunities, product upsell and cross-sell potential, unresponsive or missing stakeholders, deal-impacting news, or changes from social media, and many more. These intelligent alerts are delivered directly to salespeople inside an existing CRM or via email, mobile devices, or a custom Web-based interface.

Action Alerts is powered by the next-generation, proprietary CustomerMatrix Cognitive Engine (CMCE), which CustomerMatrix says understands and learns from data and interactions without programming or predefined processes. It analyzes millions of data points from all relevant internal and external sources and presents salespeople with the most accurate shortcuts to the most strategic actions. The CMCE can also translate all past experiences into success patterns and generate actionable insights. It automatically learns from the experiences of a company's top salespeople and best customers and instantly applies this knowledge to the current sales context. It generates and distributes these "best practices" in real time.

This release has been fueled by the $5 million in funding that CustomerMatrix received from several global investors in the past two years to support the expansion of the company's innovative product offering.

"Much like investors need critical stock market alerts to remain in financial control, salespeople need proactive, business-critical alerts to ensure important deals they are working on don't fall through and their valuable customers don't cancel," said Guy Mounier, CEO of CustomerMatrix, in a statement. "Often, major issues signal a problem, but most of the time they are hidden from the salesperson and go unrecognized. These issues cost companies customers and revenue, but the good news is that most misread opportunities can be saved by smart, well-timed actions by the salesperson. Action Alerts now makes that easy."

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