• November 15, 2017

Customer Portfolios Launches Portfolio Pathing

Customer Portfolios, a marketing technology provider, has launched Portfolio Pathing, a way for businesses to better understand their individual customers and create high-return marketing campaigns.

Portfolio Pathing applies advanced analytics to uncover unique purchase trends that can be optimized through strategic lifecycle campaigns.

"We created Portfolio Pathing to offer businesses detailed customer analysis and segmentation with individual customer profiles, defining past behavior, channel preferences, lifetime value, predicted future spend, and much more," said Augie MacCurrach, Customer Portfolios' CEO, in a statement. "Brands better understand their customers and known prospects to clearly identify lifecycle segments. Based on this data, we make strategic recommendations on the lifecycle marketing campaigns that will drive immediate return."

Portfolio Pathing provides granular and unique customer insight on trends and behaviors, such as the following:

  • Customer lifetime orders and value;
  • Male vs. female purchase tendencies;
  • Year-over-year trends in acquisition and retention;
  • Yearly revenue contribution by cohort; and
  • Product-to-product cross-sell models.

Additionally, Portfolio Pathing provides retailers a roadmap to increase the value of customers through targeted, one-to-one lifecycle campaigns, such as welcome, purchase, engagement, and loyalty. It provides them with insights that lead them to determine the following:

  • Future value creation;
  • Customer attrition risk;
  • Customer acquisition optimization;
  • Next-best offer recommendation;
  • Definition of optimal repurchase cycle;
  • Seasonal changes in behavior;
  • Customer propensity to repurchase vs. attrite;
  • Channel penetration and cross-over; and
  • Discount purchase behaviors.

"Brands are leveraging numerous marketing messages, channels, and partners to try and react to customer interactions, but often they lose sight of the holistic experience that the customer is going through," MacCurrach said. "Portfolio Pathing not only uncovers that experience from both the brand and customer view, it prescribes the path forward to create a cohesive conversation that maximizes both short- and long-term value."

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