• September 15, 2020

Cuddle Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network

Cuddle, an analytics platform provider, has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, an ecosystem of solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

"We're pleased to have Cuddle join the Nielsen Connect Partner Network as we continue to grow the network with highly qualified partners to fuel a smarter market for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry," said Brett Jones, global leader of the Connect Partner Network at Nielsen, in a statement. "Cuddle is a prominent player in the business analytics space. Together, we'll use the power of their AI-driven platform along with our data to transform the world of decision making within the markets of retail and CPG."

A subsidiary of Fractal, Cuddle is an AI-powered, voice-enabled business analytics platform. The solution automatically detects patterns in enterprise data and alerts users.

As a network partner, Cuddle's AI will continuously scan Nielsen data to automatically find insights, whether it's an abnormal share change for a bestselling SKU or pricing activity by a competitor. Cuddle will also automatically find possible root causes and send them to brand managers. Plus, Cuddle's Analytics Co-Pilot will help business leaders navigate Nielsen data to identify which actions need to be taken and when.

<p">"AI is now front and center of our daily life," said Natwar Mall, CEO of Cuddle, in a statement. "Cuddle acts as a business leader's co-pilot, working with Nielsen data to transform how they consume data, ensuring there are no business accidents and that leaders don't miss out on new business opportunities."

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