• September 8, 2022

Creatio Adds Workflow Apps

Creatio, a provider of no-code workflow and CRM automation solutions, together with its partner community, have released a wide range of applications, connectors, and add-ons at the Creatio Marketplace.

The new solutions expand the platform integration capabilities, streamline payment management in Creatio, migrate data, improve time management, reduce time spent on daily routine, and more.

The new apps and connectors include the following:

  • Paymaze Payments Management for Creatio, which enables users to manage all payments and subscriptions directly in Creatio, add payment systems and gateways to Creatio, control the status of debtors, and manage the financial performance of their companies.
  • OneDrive connector for Creatio, which allows users to store files in external storage, set up a folder hierarchy, and monitor file integrity.
  • Salesloft connector for Creatio, which allows users to update their Salesloft databases with Creatio contact and account records, synchronize activities (emails, tasks, and calls) between both systems, and send contacts to Salesloft directly from the Creatio Lead section, etc.
  • Prodoscore connector for Creatio, which provides visibility into employee activities.
  • SuiteCRM data migration for Creatio, which allows users to move core business data from SuiteCRM to Creatio, including sales, marketing, service, and knowledge base information.
  • Social media cases for Creatio, which provides instant access to customers' online conversations and allows companies to handle all relevant requests from social media within a single case management workflow in Creatio. With YouScan, Creatio users immediately discover both positive or negative feedback on social media and can deal with negative conversations immediately.
  • SalesUp Project Management for Creatio, which streamlines task management and allows users to create and leverage project tasks, monitor their progress, respond to deviations from the schedule and changes in the task priority.
  • Multichannel notifications for Creatio, which allows users to leverage deadlines, improve time management, manage notifications in sales tasks, orders or other objects.
  • Keen Survey Tool for Creatio, for adding questionnaires to Creatio. Users can run surveys, interviews, quizzes, or certifications, create checklists, collect and report the survey results in the system, and store the information about reward points for correct answers.
  • Checklists for Creatio, to systematize routine operations, define the sequence of routine tasks, prioritize them, and systematize follow-up tasks at each workflow stage.
  • Data views for Creatio, which displays records of any system objects in the form of Gantt Chart or Kanban Board and allows users to export Gannt charts as PDF or Excel documents.

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