• March 28, 2024

Coveo's Spring '24 Release Adds AI Capabilities

Coveo, a provider of enterprise artificial intelligence-powered search, recommendations, and generative experience platforms, today introduced Relevance Generative Answering for Agents and Relevance Generative Answering for In-App Search and more than 15 additional AI enhancements in the spring release of its Coveo AI Platform.

"Coveo has been leading in enterprise search for more than 20 years and has used AI extensively for more than a decade to individualize customer and employee experiences and drive superior business outcomes," said Laurent Simoneau, president, chief technology officer, and co-founder of Coveo, in a statement. "We're expanding our genAI offering by bringing generated answers to agent and in-app experiences. This enhancement makes our platform more intuitive so business users can leverage our AI to easily power individualized, trusted, and connected experiences in every interaction across multiple channels."

Relevance Generative Answering for Agents equips agents with fast access to relevant, accurate, traceable, and secure answers to complex service questions.

Relevance Generative Answering for In-App Search helps companies enhance their cloud-based applications by making features and capabilities more accessible and understandable and add generative answering into their apps by leveraging Coveo's In-Product Experience (IPX) builder.

In addition to making Relevance Generative Answering a multi-use case and multi-UI solution that can be used across the customer experience journey, Coveo further enhanced its product with the following capabilities:

  • Follow-up questions to help guide visitors to the next logical question or answer;
  • Conversational experiences that enable searchers to have dynamic natural language conversations with LLM-generated follow-up questions that incorporate question history and user context;
  • Rich text formatting for more visually appealing answers such as lists, code, or tables to visitors' questions; and
  • Multilingual support for French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

Coveo's other innovations help companies simplify product catalog management, minimize manual interventions, and introduce AI-powered tools for merchandisers to balance search relevance with strategic business goals, including the promotion of high-margin products. They include the following:

  • Semantic Encoder for Product Catalogs, a new AI model that improves query understanding and reduces the need for manual tuning and synonym additions.
  • Coveo's Native Push Integration that allows users to leverage the full power of Coveo's AI Search and Generative Answering capabilities in SAP Commerce Cloud storefronts.
  • Business-Aware Ranking model that lets AI optimize for the outcomes retailers care about while optimizing the shopper experience. This model gives business users control over product listing results, positively impacting revenue per visitor.
  • Search Merchandising Essentials that empower merchandisers to create business rules for boosting, burying, and pinning products within the Merchandising Hub.
  • Query Suggestions Automatic Fallback, automatically presenting the last successful set of suggestions, increasing the likelihood of relevant product discovery.
  • SharePoint Online content relevancy through added filtering and refined permissions.
  • Enhancements to Sitemap Connector, including a redesigned user interface and enhanced crawling and web scraping configurations.
  • Web Connector updates that leverage default web scraping configurations to improve findability, discoverability, and answers on sites and remove redundant or low-quality information.
  • New Event Tracking Protocol that simplifies search and event tracking.
  • A Projects feature to organize new projects by departmental use cases.

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