• March 25, 2021

Coveo Launches Relevance Cloud

Coveo today unveiled the Coveo Relevance Cloud, the next generation of its artificial intelligence-powered search technology.

The Coveo Relevance Cloud leverages data from the first customer touchpoint through all customer interactions, from search history to support requests, to inform all other business applications. It creates a single, unified index of disparate systems, user behavioral signals, and applications, then applies machine learning to provide relevant and personalized engagements at scale.

"To be relevant you need AI," said Louis Têtu, chairman and CEO of Coveo, in a statement. "Being relevant to one million individuals at the same time with manual rules is not humanly possible. At Coveo we think every brand, every company should have access to relevance technology. This should not be reserved for the tech giants only. The new Coveo Relevance Cloud seeks to democratize relevance for every enterprise."

The Coveo Relevance Cloud uses AI, machine learning, and deep learning built specifically for website, ecommerce, customer service, and digital workplace applications. With contextual learning it extends from the initial search into offering automated recommendations, and then finally, it stitches together user behaviors across all journeys to offer advanced personalization.

"The Coveo Relevance Cloud is a layer of intelligence that can help organizations that may be facing customer abandonment and employee frustration because of data overload," said Michael Ni, chief growth officer at Coveo, in a statement. "The Coveo Relevance Cloud can help to engage customers, improve employee proficiency, and get the answers all digital users want."

Included in the Coveo Relevance Cloud are the following features:

  • 360-degree relevance: Coveo connects all user behavioral signals (what they click on, what they didn't click on, what they searched, what they rewrote, what they read, etc.) to every user's digital touchpoint. This powers an AI-based solution that can aid any digital experience by providing highly relevant search results and content recommendations.
  • Zero-click personalized results: Since so much data is captured and used to train Coveo's AI, the solution offers content on a user's first website interaction that is highly relevant.
  • Predictive engine: Coveo serves up highly relevant content based on users and their histories. The solution impacts any user touchpoint, whether seeking customer service, buying a product, or researching information.
  • Headless User Interface Library: One Relevance platform can power all channels. The UI library provides complete control over how that relevance interface displays.
  • Universal profile service: By capturing user signals and affinities, Coveo builds profiles of each user that are used to inform every digital touchpoint.
  • Relevance application programming interfaces (APIs): The Coveo Relevance Cloud can be embedded in numerous enterprise applications.
  • Relevance layer: The Coveo Relevance Cloud does not require changes to existing solutions. It integrates with and provides relevant content to web application users right away.

"We use technology to make sure that our customers' requests can come through in a very coordinated fashion, so with the help of Coveo, we're able to sort out customers' needs quickly. In many instances we can deliver the information that they need, at the time that they need it, rather than them having to talk to anyone," said Rachael Powell, chief customer officer at accounting cloud software provider Xero, in a statement.

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