• August 19, 2020

Contentstack Launches Catalysts Partner Program

Contentstack today launched the Catalysts partner program for technology and service providers to accelerate digital experience innovation.

"As businesses embrace the need for exceptional digital experiences, they are looking for partners that can help them transform their technology architecture to support continuous innovation," said Peter Fogelsanger, who heads the program at Contentstack, in a statement. "Using a composable architecture, Catalysts help customers build end-to-end content experiences quickly, securely, and globally. Unlike other partner programs in the industry, the Catalysts program is part of our core sales and marketing strategy, built on providing Catalysts dedicated sales alignment and co-selling, collaborative go-to-market support, world-class enablement tools, and seamless integration. Contentstack and its Catalysts are building the future for enterprise technology."

As members of the ecosystem, Catalysts will work together to drive market visibility, manage growth opportunities, and deliver transformational customer success. Contentstack will provide Catalysts with the integrations framework and the ability to build new integrations to meet customer needs.

To support Catalysts, Contentstack also launched a suite of partner enablement tools, including the Catalysts Hub, a portal containing product information and direct access to the Catalysts credentialing program through a learning management system. Catalysts can enroll in Sales or Developer enablement tracks with a range of credentials and can register for and collaborate on deals.

"We are committed to building innovative digital engagement experiences which empower our client partners to achieve rapid revenue, market share, and customer growth," said J.M. Guthrie, partner and chief customer officer at Authentic, in a statement. "A key to our approach is what we call contributor design, allowing us to align all key stakeholders across both business and technical functions within the organization. After years of working with other vendors, we are confident that Contentstack delivers a solution that meets the needs of both developers and marketers seeking a modern, future-proof, and flexible solution to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a Catalyst, we are excited to be able to extend the Contentstack solution at speed through both the open architecture and the expanding ecosystem of best-of-breed technology partners available to us."

"In today's environment, companies need experiences to be designed, built, deployed, and improved in less time and with greater insight," said Elaina Shekhter, chief marketing officer and head of strategy at EPAM Systems, in a statement. "Meeting these objectives requires a composable ecosystem that operates with transparency. Contentstack's Catalysts program allows us to bring together the best players in the market to deliver successful programs. Working with other leading Catalysts, such as commercetools, we can create powerful digital experiences that unlock new value for our customers and provide a clear path to market share."

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