• June 13, 2019

Contentsquare and Monetate Partner for Personalization

Contentsquare, providers of a digital experience insights optimization platform, is partnering with Monetate, a personalization platform provider to help mutual clients with their personalization efforts.

The partnership combines Contentsquare's unique ability to understand digital behavior and identify challenges and opportunities within a consumer's online experience with Monetate's programmatic personalization engine. It allows e-commerce retailers to do the following:

  • Personalize at scale: Understand why customers are behaving the way they do to individualize the experience in real time;
  • Prioritize personalization strategies: Identify the biggest UX opportunities, uncover new areas for personalization; and leverage data to focus campaigns; and
  • Create more uplift: Gain insights into which campaigns perform well and which do not and activate new experiences based on customer intelligence.

"Monetate's collaboration with Contentsquare allows us to close the loop for brand marketers by allowing them to spot challenges and opportunities faster, act on them faster, and continuously evaluate their campaigns to make incremental gains in their marketing strategies," said Stephen Collins, CEO of Monetate, in a statement. "Together, we're able to help consumer brands around the world overcome common speedbumps in realizing greater ROI and stronger customer relationships."

"The partnership between Contentsquare and Monetate opens up exciting possibilities for brands who understand the retention and revenue potential of contextual personalization," said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and founder of Contentsquare, in a statement. "By activating individualized journeys based on a visitor's context and goals, brands will connect with customers in a way that sustains competitive advantage."

Global footwear retailer Clarks currently benefits from the Contentsquare-Monetate collaboration.

"Contentsquare plays a huge role in helping Clarks improve our checkout journey, reduce abandonment, and increase on-site conversions," said Andrew Brimble, lead performance analyst at Clarks, in a statement. "Like most ecommerce teams, a key challenge for us is knowing where to focus and prioritize, and with the Monetate integration, we're able to see and take action on this faster."

Monetate and Contentsquare have been strategic partners since 2018.

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