• March 23, 2015

ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand Adds Capabilities

ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand, powered by ConnectAndSell's patented advanced sales acceleration technology, today announced several capabilities available through OutboundOnDemand. Capabilities announced include Lead Injection, Hot Transfer, and the Penalty Box.

The ConnectAndSell Lead Injection feature lets companies call new leads minutes after they are submitted. Lead Injection optimizes response time to get sales on the phone with new leads as quickly as possible.

The Hot Transfer feature lets lead development reps transfer an interested prospect to an account executive for closing once the LDR has qualified him. With a single button click the LDR can dial out to the AE, debrief him on the prospect, and use the three-way conferencing option to conduct a warm handoff between the prospect and the AE before dropping off the call and continuing his calling session.

The Penalty Box feature enables marketers and sales to track phone numbers dialed and identify in real time the numbers that are no longer in service, bad numbers, and employees who no longer work there. By enabling the penalty box, marketers can quarantine the bad data, remove it from the calling list, and save sales people valuable time by only serving up the best possible data. Once the data is put in the penalty box, better phone numbers can be appended.

"Companies have access to a solution where lead generation representatives routinely deliver more than 1,000 dials per day, they outperform industry-standard conversion rates, the speed to market is days versus months, and there is transparency to the entire program, all delivered at a cost per dial that is up to 75 percent lower than industry average," said Chad Burmeister, vice president of sales and marketing at ConnectAndSell, in a statement. "And now with Lead Injection and Hot Transfer capabilities, marketers can ensure 100 percent follow-up on leads within seconds or minutes of the time the prospect downloads a form, and ensure that leads are called until they are spoken to, and with hot transfers, they can get the leads in the hands of the right sales professional in real time, without the pain of missed meetings or cancelled meetings by the prospect."

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