• May 31, 2018

ConDati Releases Marketing Analytics

conDati today released conDati Marketing Analytics, a cloud-based service that applies data integration, data science, and machine learning to help marketers understand and improve the performance of digital campaigns.

conDati Marketing Analytics blends siloed data from multiple marketing systems to deliver a single, unified data asset. That data asset is processed, analyzed, modeled, and projected to provide visibility into digital campaign performance.

conDati targets the largest areas of digital marketing spend and activity, combining campaign performance data. Data collected includes revenue, ad cost, sessions, transactions, and goal conversions. Data sources include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, organic search, and SEO, as well as email and social marketing.

"Our mission is to take marketing departments from using spreadsheets to manage campaigns to using state-of-the-art data science and visualizations overnight," said conDati CEO Ken Gardner in a statement. "We provide understanding at your fingertips to marketing decision-makers at price points enterprises of all sizes can afford."

conDati helps marketers pinpoint the highest- and worst-performing programs and campaigns. Its user interface is modeled after consumer user experiences from Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other consumer products.

"With conDati, the same ease of use and ease of understanding that consumers expect on their smartphones and tablets are being brought to the UI of an enterprise application," Gardner said.

conDati can also deliver predictive analytics about future campaign performance. It monitors all active campaigns for performance anomalies, both positive and negative, and triggers configurable alerts to marketing leaders as needed to investigate and take action. conDati also helps marketers calculate and demonstrate the value of marketing to the business, identify problems as they occur, and capitalize on opportunities as they happen.

"Marketing analytics based on incomplete and obsolete data are now a thing of the past," said John Zicker, chief data scientist at conDati, in a statement. "We've engineered a solution that reduces digital marketing costs while saving the elapsed time caused by both data latency and manual processes from the event to the insight. Marketing teams from here on out are going to be able to take control of their destiny, rather than wondering what worked and what didn't."

Initial conDati Marketing Analytics platform customers include Discount Dance Supply and Pepperdine University, as well as other clients in e-commerce, media, higher education, and business-to-business technology.

According to John Miller, chief technology officer at Discount Dance Supply, conDati enables the company to identify issues, fine-tune strategy, and adjust online marketing spend.

"conDati has helped us identify the '80/20' nature of our digital campaigns, including holiday promotions and flash sales, by showing us where digital marketing spend is most effective. With the insights from conDati, we have consolidated our strategy and spending into our most successful channels, and our results are showing the impact," he said in a statement.

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