• July 21, 2021

Compulse Launches with Compulse 360 Digital Advertising Platform

Compulse has become a digital marketing technology and managed services company following its release of Compulse 360, an all-in-one software-as-a-service platform for digital media planning, execution, and analytics. It combines planning, fulfillment, and data into one digital platform.

Compulse 360 includes more than 100 integrations with other leading martech providers

Compulse as a company is a result of the merger of Compulse Integrated Marketing, a full-service marketing agency; DataSphere Technologies, a programmatic adtech company; and ZypTV, a  programmatic platform for local media buyers.

"Compulse 360 is the result of our long-term plan to build a single, unified omnichannel platform for media companies and agencies. The time is right, and the resources are there to finally make omnichannel marketing live up to its potential," said Compulse's managing director, Martin Kristiseter, in a statement.

"Local media and agencies have long needed solutions that help them benefit from the increased exposure and revenue of omnichannel campaigns delivered locally. However, there has been a significant lack of the right tools, as well as prohibitive costs on inventory and technology that isn't really built for omnichannel. We've not just raised the bar. We've removed the barriers completely, with the right technology and the right solution to make omnichannel really pay off," Kristiseter added.

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