• December 6, 2023

CommBox Launches Era AI

CommBox, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered customer communications, today launched Era AI, which scans enterprise knowledge sources and, in just seconds, provides customers with accurate, highly personalized information through their preferred digital messaging channels.

Era AI also empowers anyone to build and customize AI-powered chatbots with no coding expertise. Its advanced sentiment analysis enables it to reroute calls when necessary and identify intent to provide end users with a conversational experience. The platform can also standardize the manner and tone of written responses in line with brand guidelines.

Era AI also plays a key role in assisting customer service agents, using real-time information to offer personalized recommendations and solutions.

"In the modern business landscape, expensive contact center models and ineffective chatbots are relics of the past. I've seen firsthand how these outdated legacy systems leave customers frustrated and hinder business growth. That's why we've developed Era AI, a revolutionary solution that empowers brands to modernize their customer engagement strategies and unlock the untapped potential of artificial intelligence. Era AI is the key to delivering seamless, personalized, and delightful customer experiences that drive lasting customer loyalty," said Yaniv Hakim, CEO and co-founder of CommBox, in a statement.

"With Era AI, our goal was to help enterprise brands, no matter how complex, accelerate the move to AI-based automated services, and fundamentally shift how they communicate with their users. This means going beyond simply wrapping new AI models around an existing bot solution to make it a bit smarter but still disconnected from other systems. It means building a platform connected to a variety of different business flows, ensuring an intuitive and consistent customer journey," said Dvir Hoffman, chief product officer of CommBox, in a statement.

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