• June 5, 2018

Comm100 Launches Next-Generation AI-Powered Chat

Comm100, a provider of digital customer conversation solutions, today launched its second-generation chatbot enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Comm100's enhanced AI-powered chatbot leverages natural language processing (NLP) to create a more realistic conversation where the bot can recognize the visitor's intent, ask clarifying questions if needed, and execute transactions, such as booking reservations or making payments, under the customers' direction. Available in 21 languages, it can also respond with relevant images, videos, and URLs.

Comm100's AI can be trained to perform in specific verticals. It can trigger sales transactions, create support tickets, and more.

Comm100 is also deploying a Shopify integration that will make out-of-the-box live chat available to all Shopify users. With it, bots can show cart content, order history, and customer details directly in the agents' chat consoles.

Comm100 is also offering new co-browsing capabilities. With a single click, agents can view and interact with visitors' web browsers, making it possible to recognize where they are running into issues and to guide them through complex processes. This add-on is completely web based and does not require plugins, downloads, or installations.

"Live chat is booming as companies recognize the significant impact it can have on their top and bottom lines," said Jeff Epstein, vice president of product at Comm100, in a statement. "Our AI-powered chatbot is a win-win-win: empowering visitors to find what they're looking for more quickly, helping agents manage chat volume more efficiently, and enabling brands to deliver a better experience. AI is reaching the tipping point, and we want to make it accessible and effective for all our customers."

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