• December 1, 2022

Clinchd Launches with a Sales Management Tool for SMBs

Tech entrepreneur Storry Warner has launched Clinchd, provider of a sales management platform for small businesses and startups.

Clinchd sends notifications to help users stay on top of deals, alerting them when sales are near to closing, providing prompts when sales are not moving as quickly as expected, and providing rreminders for deals that haven't been touched for a while.

The tool also includes a time travel feature that provides rapid visibility of how things like the sales funnel have changed over time.

"SME owners typically have a real can-do spirit. It's what fuels the early growth of the company. But such a temperament often means that when a sale is lost there's not a lot of reflection. Everyone quickly moves on to the next deal without identifying what went wrong so that lessons can be learned. Blind spots can develop. You fail to notice types of businesses that aren't converting or elements in the process where things are failing. Clinchd plugs these gaps," Warner said in a statement.

"Not only are current sales tools not driving the growth of the SMEs who use them, but their drawbacks mean that many are sticking with spreadsheets. That's no way for an ambitious SME to increase its sales," Warner continued. "I want to break this cycle by offering Clinchd free to smaller SMEs. I'm convinced that with a tool like ours actually supporting their sales rather than just monitoring them, Clinchd can help them grow. And when they do, if they feel the time is right, they can then transition to our paid-for tiers."

Clinchd can be integrated with more than 600 popular SME tools and applications.

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